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You just had a large tree in your yard removed and the residential tree service also did the stump grinding. You’re now wondering what you need to do next. How are you going to fill the stump grinding area?

It’s important to understand that removing a tree stump from your yard helps to increase the curb appeal and appearance of your landscape and property. The decision of grinding the tree stump was worth it considering the risk of injury as well as the infestation it could have caused. You’re now eagerly waiting for grass to grow in the area. However, this will depend on how much root remains in the ground after the stump has been removed. Here are some guidelines on how to fill the area with grass:

Equip yourself and clear the debris

The first step should be to equip yourself with such things as a rake, grass seed, top soil and a saw for removing any roots. Use the rake to clean up any other debris that was left in the stump grinding area. Remember the wood chips left in the area can take more than a year to decompose. It’s, therefore, recommended to remove them.

Add the soil

Pour a few bags of topsoil to level the ground to the same height as the rest of your yard. Make sure any soil that’s clumped together is loosened.

Plant the grass seeds

If you have a lawn, this won’t be a problem. If you’re applying the grass seed by hand, it will be necessary to strive for good coverage. You can use a rake to spread the grass seed on the soil as well. It’s recommended to water the area as soon as you’re done planting and maintain a regular watering schedule until the grass is established. Don’t overwater the areas as it may wash the seeds away.

Planting grass in the stump grinding area is just but one of the alternatives available. Other attractive alternatives include planting a young, healthy tree in the area to replace the one that was removed or planting shrubs in the area.